Metal Forming

Metal Forming Services

Our press brake department utilizes eight current Bystronic and Accurpres machines ranging from 4' X 40 ton to 12' X 250 ton. Paired with a hardened new standard, Wila Tooling allows us to offer unmatched bending speed and precision. Our press brake operators have many years of experience with a wide array of parts. That vast knowledge base allows us to expedite the design process and consistently produce quality metal forming products.

Best Press Brakes with Experienced Operators

Many shops attempt to deliver quality with older refurbished brake presses. ProFab has adopted a policy of securing the best equipment available on the market today. Our presses' average age is only three years old, taking advantage of all the latest software and hardware efficiency and accuracy improvements! Why is the experience of our operators important? Because bending metal is an art and a science, it takes a considerable length of time for these craftsmen to learn the vast array of variables involved with different materials and thicknesses.

Bystronic Pressbrake: Xpert