About ProFab Production Fabricators, Inc.

About Production Fabricators, Inc.

Many of our customers call us ProFab, and we really are pros at what we do! We have been in the metalworking business for decades, providing an endless variety of quality parts for customers all across the country. Some of our larger parts are eight-feet tall, weighing hundreds of pounds, and some of our smallest parts are less than an inch!

West Michigan Metal Fabricators

We are based in West Michigan, which has a rich history of skilled manufacturing. We employ dozens of experienced metal fabricators who average several years of experience in the industry. To help these craftsmen produce world-class products, ProFab has always invested in the very best technology available on the market today. You won’t find any outdated equipment on the shop floor at ProFab! (How many fabricators can say that!)

The industries we service range from tiny precision parts for the aerospace industry to heavy (one-inch thick) components for the military. Other industries served include trucking, furniture, fueling, recreation, medical, mobility and more. Our success has led to rapid growth. We have expanded our production facilities twice in the last four years, with plans already on the drawing board for expansion number three! We have many loyal fans in our customer base, and we would be happy to provide references upon request.

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