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Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding Systems

ProFab - Production Fabricators, Inc. offers a wide spectrum of robotic welding systems. Our welding automation experts will work with your team to analyze your manufacturing process and recommend system options. For fixed, turntable and positioning systems, we can modify or completely customize to meet virtually any fabrication need.

Fixed Table Systems

Our fixed table systems are suited for applications that do not require part-rotation or repositioning. These systems take minimal installation, because they’re shipped completely assembled. Lincoln Electric’s fixed table robotic welding systems include the following:

Auto-Mate™ pre-engineered robotic cells are ideal for small manufacturers or job shops that don’t plan on staying small forever. These affordable cells enable you to implement automated welding quickly and easily. It’s an entry point for the first-time buyer. Both of these new pre-engineered robotic welding systems – Auto-Mate 5 and Auto-Mate 10 – are set up for MIG and flux-cored welding processes performed by a FANUC® ArcMate® 0iB robot driven by a Power Wave® R350 power source.

• System 5 single-zone cells for small to medium sized parts

• System 10 dual-zone cells for small to medium sized parts 

• System 30 cells for medium sized parts

• System 35 cells for medium to large sized parts

Turntable Systems

Our turntable systems provide a rotating or repositioning work piece staging surface for that help increase throughput efficiency. ProFab’s turntable robotic welding systems include the following:

• System 15 cells are for small sized parts. They’re ideal for the first time robot welding buyer because of the economical, ultra-small footprint design. 

• System 20 cells are for small to medium sized parts. It’s two-sided and has an option to expand to a three to four-sided system.

• System 40 cells are for small to medium sized parts. They have a servo-driven positioner that is nearly maintenance- free with no mechanical components to fail.