Complete Metal Solutions
ISO 9001 Certified


  • Tonnage 60–1000 t
  • Bending length 2050–10 200 mm
  • Open height 500–650 mm
  • Standard stroke 215–365 mm
  • Max. high speed 250 mm/s
  • Max. working speed 10–25 mm/s

Bystronic Xpert 150 10' bed

Top-of the-range machine with very high position and repetition accuracy

  • Worldwide, the most extensive database, which can be simply expanded with additional material characteristics and parameters
  • The only machine that doesn’t produce angle errors. It offers the highest repetition accuracy on the market 
  • First class bending results thanks to pressure reference technology with fully automatic, dynamic crowning 
  • The wide range of equipment packages guarantee a customer-specific and flexible machine specification
  • At the press of a single button, perfect bending results are achieved independent of operator knowledge
  • Fully comprehensive CAD/CAM: there are only six mouse clicks between 3D data file and 3D part